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Lucky Are Those Who Experience It

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Love, the very word brings forth feelings of warmth. Love, a relationship, which makes us whole. A companion with whom we share all our emotions, our life, our thoughts, our body, our everything. That is love and lucky are those who fall in love. During the initial phase of love, there is a tremendous passion and a desire to keep on sharing everything. Keep on telling about how one loves their beloved in so many different ways. In this phase, lovers speak of flowers, stars, moon, and so many other objects that one can find to define love. All of us have our own style of sending love messages. Some write their own poems. Some send small notes.

Some send very long letters and some search for poems that can reflect their emotions. Searching for gifts, and sending messages, meeting, enjoying life together, and so many other such activities mark the initial phase of love. Love is indeed mysterious because you will find poems being written by those about whom you had never suspected this. Your most ordinary looking practical gardener will develop dreamy eyes and start sending love notes after falling in love! PG Wodehouse wrote about this in most of his stories with great fun and understanding. The best part of love messages arrives after many years. Show a lover what he/she did many years ago and they will themselves not believe that they wrote all that gibberish. That is love.

Love - Why Two People Love Each Other? Why do two people love each other? Why do we need someone to love? Why can't we love ourselves and exist alone? And what is that chemistry that a couple loves about each other? Why both should love each other, and no body else? Love is truly a mystery. The first reason is of course the passion one feels for the other. Call it hormones, mind, heart, emotions or whatever, one falls in love with another person and cannot live without him/her.

Physical beauty is not the sole criteria in romantic passionate love. A very beautiful girl can passionately fall in love with an ordinary looking man to the surprise of all. There is something more that is yet to be explored. Ask a lover about why he/she loves her beloved and you will never get a logical answer. Love does not measure qualities, nor sets any standards. Love happens. Sometimes the love arises out of appreciation of qualities of the other. This love is different to romantic love, but can be equally magnetic.

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You may get attracted to some persons singing so much that you want to be with him/her at all times. It can be any quality, but it is the appreciation of quality that brings forth this love. In this case the love is passionate love with that quality. In some cases two persons find so many things alike between each other that they believe they are soul mates. Made for each other, these lovers are bound by the common qualities. What ever may be the reason for falling in love, please fall in love because it is incomparable.

Love - Not Living By Values May Hurt Love We profess some values and act against them. I will come to that shortly, but add here that our not living by values may be hurting our love very badly. When we look for answers to our lost love, we must find out if we had violated our values. Let me give you some examples. What are the values you love? Honesty, speaking truth, helping others, understanding others, caring for others, being compassionate and many other values come in the values list of a majority.

What about living by these values? How many of us do not lie? How many of us behave carelessly towards others/ how many of us cheat others for small gains? We are ready to sacrifice most of our values to reach our material goals. We justify all our actions on the way, but deep inside there is no peace or satisfaction in our heart. We know that we are different to what we began with. Is the same happening with our love relationship? In love, we say- I will care for you.

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In love we promise total faithfulness. In love, we promise that we will sacrifice our comfort to make our beloved comfortable. In love we promise many things including never hurting our darling. When it comes to living by these values, we break most of them. We bring down our love to a give and take and justify our wrong actions with every possible argument. But the end result is death of love. After that we blame our darling for breaking love. That is our tragedy.

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