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Good Flirting Tips

Wooing Signals

Flirting is a way of lightly showing you are interested in a person. It is the initial step in getting to know someone. Remember,it’s nothing more than that. The outcome of flirting may possibly be a brand new friend,but then it may well turn out to be the start of something truly special. Do Send her a drink from across the room.It’s merely a drink. If she happens to look up and catches your attention and smiles, you might possibly get invited to sit down with her.

She says you remind her of someone. This might be her attempt to start a conversation. She touches you. She needs to be the first to take this step,but this is a loud signal that she is flirting. She laughs at your jokes and seems genuinely interested in things that you say.

Go through the following do’s and don’ts ahead of your next attempt at flirting:

Do offer her authentic compliments. Each person has good qualities,paying her a compliment will straight away render you more likeable. Do ask for her number only if you have intentions of talking to her again. If you are planning not to call her,don’t ask for her phone number. Don't attempt to flirt with two women in the same group,it makes you look desperate and an idiot.

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Don't use cliché one-liners. Women recognize them all and think they are unimaginative and cheesy. Don't touch her. There are some women who don’t mind men who like to put their arm around them or touch their shoulders,there are other women who are frightened by it. Try to gauge her reaction about touching her by getting a little closer and seeing how she reacts to less personal space.

If she moves back,relax,and steer clear of touching her until you are well-acquainted. Don't hang around,beg,or pester.Acting desperately is a big turn-off to women. Women on the whole tend to be skillful at flirting than men are. You need to be alert to recognize her flirtatious behavior so that you can return the non-verbal messages she is conveying to you.

A woman is flirting with you if:

She continues to look in your direction. Each time you look up, she is still looking at you. She looks down just as soon as she sees you looking at her.She is giving you the impression she’s shy. And she might be. Go over to her and start a conversation. If she smiles at you when you catch her looking,it’s an invitation to talk with her.

She keeps playing with her hair. Some women subconsciously play with their hair when trying to get a man’s attention. She starts the conversation with you. This means she wants to get to know you better,which is a good sign. She compliments you. If she tells you that she thinks you are well dressed, are in shape,or any other personal compliment, it’s a strong indication that she’s flirting with you.

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