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3 Groups Women PutMen In Before Meeting Them

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When making advances towards women, even before you utter a word or do anything, she has already inadvertently put you into one of three groups:

  • I Like Him
  • I Don't Like Him
  • Undecided

Now that you are aware of the three different groups lets go over each ones strengths and weaknesses for you.

#Dating - 3 Groups Women Put Men In Before Meeting Them #FrizeMedia

Group #1: I like Him: If you happen to look or remind her of someone that she liked, dress in a certain type of way that she finds attractive or anything else that she happens to connect with. Congrats you have a heads up on everyone and when it comes to taking it to the next level its all On You. This is a great thing and if you fall in the Average Guy category expect this to happen with around 10 percent of the women that you meet who are available.

Group #2: I Don't Like Him: You ever meet someone and for no apparent or real good reason you don't like them? Guess what women are the same way and for good measure most women throw unpoised men and a whole slew of petty reasons in there as well. If you fall in this category and at least 10 percent of the time you will if your just an average guy, unless you have some unknown outside factor to enhance you (hot ex still after you, famous, rich, etc.); there is nothing you can say or do that is going to get this woman to change her mind and be attracted to you.

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Group #3: Undecided: The majority of the times about 80 percent is you are an average guy you are going to fall in this group which if you have done your studying and reading on seduction and how to attract women is a perfect place to be. Seeing as you are in the Undecided category, you can work on creating the desire and attraction in a woman that you want. This is very good news for you my friend. Certainly, there is no better time than now to get your life in order so that when you walk up to a woman that you find to be a potential partner, and she is thinking to herself maybe or maybe not over the course of a drink, you can turn that maybe into a yes and increase your success with women tremendously.

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