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French Kiss

6 Steps On The Art Of French Kissing

French kiss is an art that can be perfected. Here are 6 steps on the art of french kissing.

1. Set the scene. Make sure that the mood and time are right. Relax, take a deep breath and let go of any tension you might have. This will help a lot when your are French-kissing.

2. Dampen your lips. Dry lips do not move well together, but you do not want them to be dripping wet either. Just a light brush of your tongue over your lips will be enough to moisten them. It is always useful to have lip moisturizing when your are french-kissing

French Kiss - 6 Steps On The Art Of French Kissing #FrizeMedia

3. Head Position. If your mouths meet dead-on, your noses will get in the way, kind of awkward, and you will not be able to french-kiss smoothly or deeply for that matter. To avoid this, tilt your head slightly to one side, usually to the left. Make sure you do not both tilt your heads to the same side.

4. Close your eyes. Although this usually happens by instinct it is always best to keep it in mind. As you approach for the kiss, look into your partner's eyes, once you are close to your lovers face, close your eyes. It can be a bit of awkward and not to mention a turnoff to be french-kissing with your eyes opened, although some people prefer it that way. In any case ask your lover.

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5. Start with a gentle and soft closed-mouth kiss. The French kiss is an open-mouth kiss, but do not dive in open-mouthed like you're going to eat them; instead, open your lips very slowly as you kiss your lover. Remember it is better to start a kiss with closed lips, not to mention classy.

6. Practice. French-kissing takes practice, but hey I would not mind practicing French-kissing all day.

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